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Armand Zappers - How to Order

The Armand brand is already well recognized in the world of premium bioenergy therapy devices since 1985.
Completely hand-made using traditional methods in Poland. 
We produce all of our products by hand, in limited quantities, in accordance with ethical principles and care for the environment. 
Inspired by nature, we work with the best materials in the world to create innovative bioenergotherapy products only available from us. Following the principles of modern design, our zapper collection is timeless and functional. We edit the classics, i.e. zappers for the most advanced constructions, to reveal the great quality and beauty of the materials used. Craftsmanship rooted in nearly forty years of traditional small-scale family production. These are the perfect zappers. 
Nothing will work better for you than the Zapper Armand. That is why we value exceptional quality, perfect workmanship and unparalleled comfort of use. And we have been creating such products for almost four decades.

Our zappers and bioenergy products are handmade: for this reason, they may have minor imperfections. These features, which vary from item to item, are a guarantee of absolute authenticity and handcrafted workmanship.

Our flagship product is the perfect, technically advanced and hand-made Zapper Armand Hulda Clark Therapeutic Generator
Zapper Hulda Clark is a therapeutic generator designed on the basis of Dr. Hulda Clark's book, used to remove harmful pathogens such as viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites from the body at home. Zapper is used in electrotherapy and bioenergotherapy and works on the principle of bioresonance. High-quality workmanship and a new, proprietary action developed by our company. Made in Poland, by hand with the use of the highest quality materials, such as hand-polished copper. 
Armand is a Polish company and our online store has been operating since 2008.
All our zappers are made with manual precision in Poland. Our products are produced in limited quantities, in accordance with ethical principles and care for the environment. 

How do we interpret our work? Craftsmanship is a quality motto that gives zappers: character, origin and purpose. It is a term that encompasses a range of unique practices, from traditional handcrafted craftsmanship to the latest technology used to create new or innovative designs and products.
Craftsmanship in all its forms takes time, skill and diligence at every stage of the manufacturing process. The result is products that our customers want to invest in, care for and keep for longer, which is better for them and better for the environment.

We offer a fast worldwide delivery by DPD or FedEx. Worldwide shipping costs are 100 PLN (20 EUR, 25 USD). 
We ship orders all over the world. Really to every country in the world in one, low shipping costs. 
We have sent many orders to distant parts of the world, e.g. to the: United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, China, Australia, etc. 

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Order Procedure

  1. Add the product to the cart ("Do koszyka").
  2. Choose "ZŁÓŻ ZAMÓWIENIE". 
  3. Choose "Wysyłka międzynarodowa - Worldwide shipping".
  4. Choose paying method: "PayU" (Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay), "PayPal" or "Przelew bankowy" (Bank transfer - Details for the foreign transfer will be sent to you by e-mail shortly after placing your order). 
  5. Fill in the address details for shipping. Legend: Imię - Name, Nazwisko - Surname, Nazwa Firmy - Name of the Company, NIP - Tax ID, E-mail, Ulica - Street, Numer - Number, Kod pocztowy - ZIP Code, Miejscowość - Town and Country, Województwo (valid only in Poland), Telefon - Telephone. 
  6. Select all consents. 
  7. Confirm your order by clicking: "ZAMÓWIENIE Z OBOWIĄZKIEM ZAPŁATY". 

That's it! 

Fast shipping by courier. It will reach any place in the world in a few days by courier, with insurance and full tracking of the package. 

Our products: 

Zapper Armand Hulda Clark Therapeutic Generator - English version, 999 PLN (219 EUR, 260 USD). 

Zapper Armand Foot Adapter, 999 PLN (219 EUR, 260 USD). 

Zapper Armand tDCS Neurostimulator, 1999 PLN (429 EUR, 480 USD). 

Eeman Biocircuits Armand MIDI, 799 PLN (179 EUR, 199 USD). 

Eeman Biocircuits Armand MAXI, 1499 PLN (329 EUR, 390 USD). 

Metal detector Armand Prospector 4, 2499 PLN (529 EUR, 600 USD). 

These products are available with english subtitles and instruction manuals. 

Click here to learn more about how the Zapper Armand Hulda Clark works!

Company details: 

ARMAND Anna Oksienciuk
Wincentow 3E
96-330 Wincentow, POLAND
EU VAT ID: PL 5341513424
Telephone / WhatsApp: +48 512 138 545


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