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Wykrywacz metali Armand Dominator 2 England - Promocja Letnia

Wykrywacz metali Armand Dominator 2 England - Promocja Letnia

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Uniwersalny wykrywacz do poszukiwań militariów i monet. Posiada wbudowane zasilanie akumulatorowe z ładowarką. Jest lekki i łatwy w obsłudze z możliwością wielu ustawień. W zestawie torba, słuchawki, ładowarka sieciowa i samochodowa, osłona na sterownik.

Armand Dominator 2 Metal Detector is our best model. It is lightweight, well-equipped, modern, just perfect. Includes: carrying case, headphones, network and car battery charger.
Armand Dominator 2 was designed for users who value high quality and comfort of work. The shape of the probe and the driver is an author's structure of Armand company owner - the electronics engineer and the archaeologist. A military engineer specializing in the radiolocation also carried the invaluable help into the electronic construction. Work, and then Armand Dominator 2 tests lasted two years. This detector is adapted for Polish conditions, where both the militaria, and coins appear. The design of Armand Dominator 2 is stressed by modern and lightweight probe, bent tube, integrated rechargeable batteries, the driver armrest and the classic black look (design). Convenience of work is ensured by an adjustable length of the tube carrier as well as setting adjustable armrest and load-bearing tubes, quick installation, built on spring clamps. Detector decomposes smoothly into three parts. Armand Dominator 2 can be loaded with network or car battery charger (both included). Built-in rechargeable controller, enough for at least one day of work. They can be recharged at any time, as they do not have so-called “memory effect”.
The set contains
  • Armand Dominator 2 metal detector
  • Carrying case
  • Headphones
  • Network battery charger
  • Car battery charger
  • Manual in English
  • Manual in Polish
  • 24 months guarantee
The detector has
  • static work
  • dynamic work
  • 10-rotational regulation of ground
  • control of the discrimination
  • two-positioned discrimination: I [Sound – Silence], II [Of one metric ton (with the changeable so-called VCO frequency)]
  • leading signal – two locations
  • adjustment of the noise
  • adjustment of the sensitivity
  • test of charging batteries
  • acoustic signalling of unloading batteries
  • switch
  • indicator built on diodes shining in three colours, determining the fundamental state of the signal and non-ferrous metals and iron
The burden of Armand Dominator 2 metal detector is 1.2 kilograms. The dimensions of the probe is 29 x 22 (cm). Operating frequency of Armand Dominator 2 metal detector is 7.8 kHz. This is the frequency joining low sensitivity at so-called “ground effect” with the frequency at which gold is easily detected. The front panel is made from high quality frosted plastic. Captions are printed in the “extinguished” colors. Printed circuit boards of Armand Dominator 2, the amplifier in the probe, power supply and the fundamental tile,are made in modern SMD technology, as performed computer motherboards. Armand Dominator 2 metal detector has drilled holes for protection against splashes. The probe has a flat bottom, to facilitate the stabilization of the detector while postponing it on the ground - digging to find. It is an idea introduced by the owner of Armand company, as well as the idea of the world's first detector with a probe. Casings of the probe and the driver were made with machine tools (so-called CNC – numerical) what provides with the high accuracy and the repetitiveness of the workmanship. The plug and the socket of the probe are being screwed together and they have gilded joints, guaranteeing the outstanding merger. 
We do not sell Armand Dominator 2 metal detector separately, without components, at a lower price. The probe of Armand Dominator 2 metal detector does not match other Armand's metal detectors, as well as detection of other companies. The shape of the probe and the driver is reserved.

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