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Cables for Hulda Clark Zapper ENG Armand

Cables for Hulda Clark Zapper ENG Armand

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Cables for Hulda Clark Zapper ENG Armand

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Handcrafted in Poland
The cables can be used to connect copper electrodes and foot electrodes, which are in our offer, to use electrodes with zappers of any manufacturer. One set of electrodes can be used at a time.

Hulda Clark zapper cables consist of three parts: a BNC plug, an insulated copper wire and banana plugs with a diameter of 4 mm. The BNC plug is capable of carrying very high frequencies of around 5 MHz, or five million hertz. Insulated copper wire has the ability to conduct high currents with imperceptible internal resistance. Banana plugs also have a high ability to conduct high currents thanks to the large contact area with the electrode socket. The cables are made by hand, which ensures a good solder connection, using a lead-free filler, in accordance with the EU ROHS Directive (Directive on the restriction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment). The cable can be used for any zapper from another manufacturer, as long as the type of plugs and sockets are compatible.

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