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Copper Hand Electrodes Armand ENG

Copper Hand Electrodes Armand ENG

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Copper Hand Electrodes Armand ENG

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Handcrafted in Poland

Improve the performance of your current Zapper, of any manufacturer, by using the highest quality, hand-polished pure copper electrodes. The electrodes can be connected to zappers from other manufacturers through the cables we offer. The product kit includes two pieces of copper electrodes.

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Electrode parameters: 

  • Compatible with the 4 mm banana plug. 
  • The length of the electrodes is 120 mm. 
  • The diameter of the tubes is 22 mm. 
  • The diameter of the ends of the tubes fi 25.

The dimensions are selected so that the electrodes are comfortable to hold in your hands. 

The tradition of our family company dates back to its establishment in 1985. For many years we have been producing metal detectors. Currently, our efforts are directed towards biomedical electronics. We manufacture the Zapper Armand device, which is a modernized result of Dr. Hulda Clark's research. An indispensable element of this device are electrodes, supplying alternating current to the human body. These electrodes are made by hand using traditional methods.


Lead-free soldering

The production of electrodes consists of several stages: cutting the copper tube, drilling a hole in the copper plug, inserting a 4 mm banana socket to the plug, soldering the tube with one full plug and one plug with a banana socket. Soldering is based on lead-free filler metal, in accordance with the EU ROHS directive (directive on the limitation of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment). Then follows the most difficult production stage, polishing the electrodes with polishing paste. The electrodes darken after some time, this is a natural phenomenon. Darkening is caused by contact with the air or human skin.

The tradition of using copper

The most important element of the electrodes is its composition - pure copper. Pure copper has been known for centuries and was used in ancient times in Egypt and Greece. In archeology, the concept of the Chalcolithic Age, otherwise known as the Eneolithic Age, or the Copper Age, which lasts for about 2,400 years before the birth of Christ, is used. In Egypt, the Chalcolithic period lasted between 5500-3100 BC.

Copper asepticity

Ancient communities appreciated the ease of obtaining, processing, beautiful appearance and, most importantly, the fact that it is antibacterial! It was from an alloy of copper and tin, i.e. bronze, that even surgical instruments were made in antiquity.

Copper conducts electricity perfectly

Another extremely important feature of copper is its very good current conductivity. It is from copper wires that connections are made in electronic devices, it is through copper cables that electricity is transported and digital data is transmitted over long distances. In summary, copper as a material for the Zapper electrodes is antibacterial, with excellent current conductivity.

Copper does not cause allergies

Our copper electrodes do not cause allergies. Cheap INOX stainless steel electrodes, manufactured by other companies, contain metal, nickel and chromium, which cause severe allergies and reactions in most people. Nickel and chromium under the influence of acid sweat are released from stainless steel electrodes, causing allergies.

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