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Steel Foot Electrodes ENG Armand

Steel Foot Electrodes ENG Armand

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Steel Foot Electrodes ENG Armand

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Handcrafted in Poland

The set is recommended for the Zapper Armand Hulda Clark, but you can also connect to the zapper of any manufacturer. Hulda Clark zapper cables, which we offer, are used for this. The set includes two pieces of foot electrodes for Hulda Clark zappers. 

Foot electrodes are dedicated to the Zapper Armand Hulda Clark Therapeutic Generator. They are connected using the cables from the Zapper Armand kit, instead of the copper hand electrodes. Thanks to this, you can use the Zapper Armand while keeping your feet on the foot electrodes and perform various activities using your hands.

Foot electrodes are hand-made of high-quality stainless steel, non-allergenic. 

They can also be used to connect any zapper from another manufacturer by connecting with 4 mm diameter banana plugs, also available in our offer. To connect the foot electrodes, you can use two cables sold in our store, each 1.5 m long. 

The Armand brand is already well recognized in the world of bioenergy therapy devices around the world. 

We produce by hand, in limited quantities, in accordance with ethical principles and care for the environment. 

Inspired by nature, we work with the best materials in the world to create innovative bioenergy therapy products only available from us. Following the principles of modern design, our zapper collection is timeless and functional. We edit the classics, i.e. zappers and other bioenergy products, to the most advanced constructions to reveal the great quality and beauty of the materials used. Craftsmanship rooted in nearly forty years of traditional small-scale family production. These are the perfect zappers. 

Nothing will work better for you than the Zapper Armand. That is why we value exceptional quality, perfect workmanship and unparalleled comfort of use. And we have been creating such products for almost four decades. 

Our zappers and bioenergy products are handmade: for this reason, they can bear minor imperfections. These features, which vary from item to item, are a guarantee of absolute authenticity and handcrafted workmanship. 

How do we interpret our work? Craftsmanship is a quality motto that gives zappers: character, origin and purpose. It is a term that covers a range of unique practices, from handcrafted traditional craftsmanship to the latest technology used to create new or innovative designs and products. 

Craftsmanship in all its forms requires time, skill and care at every stage of the manufacturing process. The result is products that our customers want to invest in, care for and keep for longer, which is better for them and better for the environment.

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