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How to order our products

We are a polish manufacturer of a hand-build Hulda Clark zappers and metal detectors since 1985.

We offer a fast worldwide delivery. Worldwide shipping costs are 100 PLN (22 EUR, 26 USD). 

You can also buy Zapper Hulda Clark Armand and our other products through eBay.

Order Procedure

  1. Add the product to the cart ("Do koszyka").
  2. Choose "ZŁÓŻ ZAMÓWIENIE". 
  3. Choose "Wysyłka międzynarodowa - Worldwide shipping".
  4. Choose paying method: "PayU" (Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay) or "PayPal". 
  5. Fill in the address details for shipping. 
  6. Confirm your order by clicking: "ZAMÓWIENIE Z OBOWIĄZKIEM ZAPŁATY". 

That's it!

Fast shipping by courier. It will reach any place in the world in a few days by air mail, with insurance and full tracking of the package. 

Our products: 

Zapper Hulda Clark Armand for bioresonance, 999 PLN (219 EUR, 260 USD). 
Zapper Foot Adapter Armand, 999 PLN (219 EUR, 260 USD). 
Eeman Biocircuits MIDI, 999 PLN (219 EUR, 260 USD). 
Eeman Biocircuits MAXI, 1499 PLN (329 EUR, 390 USD). 

Armand Prospector 4 metal detector, 1999 PLN (444 EUR, 521 USD). 

Are available with english subtitles. 

Company details: 

ARMAND Anna Oksieńciuk
Wincentów 3E
96-330 Wincentów
EU VAT ID: PL 5341513424
Tel.: +48 512 138 545


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