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Wykrywacz metali Armand Prospector 2 England - Promocja Letnia

Wykrywacz metali Armand Prospector 2 England - Promocja Letnia

Produkt archiwalny
Ten wykrywacz wyprodukowano w Polsce
Uniwersalny wykrywacz metali do poszukiwań militariów i monet. Jest lekki i łatwy w obsłudze z możliwością wielu ustawień. 
Wersja angielska wykrywacza, z angielskimi napisami na obudowie.

Armand Prospector 2 metal detector is a most universal and best-selling model of offered detectors. Perfect for searching: coins, treasure, gold, etc.
It detects all metals as well as it distinguishes them from iron and non-ferrous. Armand Prospector 2 is a detector produced and constantly upgraded for over 20 years. It is our flag product. The Armand Prospector 2 detector will provide with unforgettable impressions from treasure hunts and the exploration of battlefields. It is perfect detector for enthusiasts of collecting, history and ethnography.
Armand Prospector 2 compared to the previous version:
  • Differentiation of metal - discrimination, also available in a dynamic mode. In the previous version discrimination occurred only in a static mode.
  • Improve the stability of the detector for static mode at maximum sensitivity.
  • Exterior design in black and green.
  • Inscriptions on the controller made ​​of durable colorful foil. Improving the aesthetics of the product.
  • Opening the controller with a push tap, not screws. Improving the convenience and speed of battery replacement.
  • Switch "Ground / Discrimination" cursors associated with the corresponding ground control knobs and discrimination.
  • Use of the convenient front cover high quality switches.
Armand Prospector 2 is a combination of modernity and simplicity. Modernity is expressed, with an openwork probe and mainboard made in the surface mounting SMD (in the same way are made of motherboards such as computers). Simplicity of operation is characterized by the traditional layout of knobs and switches, resulting in easy and intuitive. 
The set contains
  • Armand Prospector 2 metal detector
  • Batteries
  • Manual in English
  • 24 months guarantee
It detects all metals and distinguishes them for iron and non-ferrous. Power supply is two 9V batteries, 6F22. Armand Prospector 2 detector is characterized with minimum current consumption. It has sound and visual signals of battery voltage control. Static mode of operation - detects when stationary probe. Dynamic mode of operation - detects when moving the probe. Sound signal of detected metal - the sound is growing with the discovery of metal. Optical signaling detected metal - using an index of the light-emitting diodes. Armand Prospector 2 has  knobs: discrimination (distinguishing between the metal), fit into the ground, the volume, the threshold of sound and sensitivity. The switch allows you to select the operating mode of dynamic or static control voltage and inclusion. The distinction of metal is audibly and visually. For the iron falls silent and point of light moves to the right of the center (green LEDs). For color metal sound and growing point of light moves to the left of the center (red LEDs). The sound is audible in the speaker. When you turn on headphones, speaker is automatically turned off. Headphones jack - any type of headphones with “mini jack stereo” connector. Armand Prospector 2 metal detector has a strong and ergonomic casing. Aluminum pipe is painted with lacquer, which ensures durability. The detector probe is waterproof. Has a reset button - fit into the ground. In our detectors we have used a new type of tube carrier with adjustable armrest upholstered with black foam, tubes studs and rigid tube with a plastic tube connecting the probe with aluminum.
Approximate reaches of the Armand Prospector 2 metal detector:
  • Coin, 10 gr., 21 cm
  • Coin, 1 gr., 23 cm
  • Coin, 1 Eurocent, 25 cm
  • Coin, 5 gr., 25 cm
  • Coin, 1 PLN, 26 cm
  • Coin., 2 PLN, 27 cm
  • Gold ring (2 gr.), 27 cm
  • Cap, 28 cm
  • Pull Tab, 28 cm
  • Silver signet ring (8 gr.), 30 cm
  • Shell of Mauser Rifle, 30 cm
  • Coin, 1 Euro, 32 cm
  • Male watch with the bracelet, 38 cm
  • Zippo Lighter, 45 cm
  • Mobile phone, 56 cm
  • Camp shovel, 71 cm
  • Can of beer 0.5 litre., 78 cm
  • Canister 5 litre., 84 cm
  • Canister 20 litre. - Wermacht, 115 cm
  • Car of “combi” type - maximum reach, 200 cm

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