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Hulda Clark Zapper Armand - English

Hulda Clark Zapper Armand - English

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Made in Poland
Armand Zapper therapeutic generator used to remove harmful pathogens from the body at home, such as viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. High quality and new, original action developed by our company. Manufactured in Poland, manual work using the highest quality materials such as copper. Armand, we have existed since 1985. 
Why is Zapper's influence not a medical procedure?
Zapper is not a new idea, it's an idea, tested practically in the 20th century by dr. Hulda Regehr Clark. Unfortunately, the global pharmacological lobby that controls medical trends, ignores this method of improving the health of our body, due to the reasons of competitiveness of financial benefits. Since Zapper's action is not based on drug-mediated effects, the pharmaceutical lobby is not interested in funding research into the effects of Zapper on the human body.
However, it should be remembered that Zapper will not replace traditional medicine, its diagnostics and its methods of treatment. Zapper should be treated as a device supporting the improvement of health. Zapper certainly can not replace a doctor, but it can help the healing process. Zapper should be treated as a department of so-called unconventional medicine and we reach for it in the case of helpless conventional medicine. Zapper's task is not to replace university medicine, but to support it.
When do we use Zapper?
We often go for advice and make a diagnosis by doctors and despite adherence to their recommendations, the treatment does not give results. Often, our joints, head, stomach, prostate ache, and despite the advice and medical treatment, the disease persists. The reason may be in the attack of pathogens on our body. Pathogens may be concentrated in the areas of our body, access to which is medically difficult to diagnose, eg. Abdomen, skull, prostate. Due to medical diagnostic difficulties, we are treated symptomatically, which is not always effective. Always remember that in the first and the main order, we submit to classical medicine, in the second only so-called unconventional medicine. When using Zapper, we do not abandon the conventional medical method.
It should also be noted that the action of Zapper can stimulate the body to fight the disease. The effect of psychological influence [influence of family, loved ones, authority, medium, religious elation effect, placebo effect] to strengthen the organism in order to overcome the enemy destroying our organism is widely known. 

Zapper's principle of operation
The name Zapper was created from the slang term zap - to attack, kill, destroy.
Zapper's principle of action is based on the destruction of pathogens found in our body, using a one-way pulse current. Otherwise calling this current, the constant current is interrupted - clocked. The Takt, or breaks of this impulse, determines the frequency. Dr Clark has examined and proved on the basis of research that different frequency of DC currents destroys various pathogens. If we use a given frequency or set of frequencies, we can get rid of certain pathogen groups from the body. This is based on the theory of the scientist Royal Raymond Rife, who believed that viruses and bacteria have their own resonant frequencies that are deadly to them [MOR - Mortal Oscillatin Rate].
The classic Zapper frequency determined by Dr. Clarc is 30 kHz, i.e. 30,000 pulses of current in one second.
As noted earlier, Dr. Clarc has determined that various pathogens are destroyed at different frequencies. That's why we used different programs in our device, with different frequency packets for destroying your chosen pathogens.
Dr Clarc believes that currents varying from 10 Hz to 1 MHz can be helpful in treating different cancers as well as getting rid of toxins from the body.
What are pathogens?
Pathogens are factors that cause metabolic disorders. The following types of pathogens are distinguished:
biological or viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites
chemical or toxic chemical compounds
physical or ionizing radiation, temperature and mechanical damage.
What pathogens does Armand Zapper affect?
The impact of Zapper using current at different frequencies can destroy biological pathogens, that is viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites [worms], and even toxins.
Armand Zapper, specifically model 01 due to the wider frequency range used than in the Clarc dr. Model, affects viruses, bacteria, fungi and worms. We can also use it in allergic conditions, because it affects, for example, mites. To precisely select the nature of the impact, select the appropriate work program. It should be added that not every Zapper affects all pathogens, we present our Armand Zapper, which works in a wide range of frequencies, which has a wide range of biological pathogens.
On the internet you can find tables with resonance frequencies of pathogens. If we choose a pathogen that we suspect is in our body, we choose the program number that contains the selected frequency. And in this program, the pathogen will "meet" its own resonant frequency, which will eliminate it. This will result in cleansing the body and thus improving well-being.
Our Zapper recommends customers suffering from symptoms of boleriosis. 

How long can I use Zapper a day?
According to Dr. Clarc, Zapper can not be used daily for more than 20 minutes a day. The idea is to give in to Zapper's current operation, not the fact of switching on Zapper. Our longest program works for a total of 60 minutes, but during this time breaks in its electricity are included, and full operation of the current in this program takes 21 minutes.
Why did we modify Zapper by Dr. Clarc?
New research results have identified new frequency ranges for influencing pathogens. In addition, since the end of the twentieth century there has been progress in the development of electronics, integrated circuits with a programmable range of operation have been introduced. We used a microprocessor system to apply a frequency spectrum that could hit pathogens, to affect pathogens, for which we do not know the exact frequency. So if we use a spectrum, i.e. a wide range of frequencies, then statistically, we will hit the pathogen pathogen, whose operation causes us problems, and at the same time we do not need to know the frequency of this pathogen. The operation of the sweep is based on the principle that during the program cycle, the frequencies changing to a given range are applied to the electrodes, e.g. for program P5 from 500 kHz to 833 kHz.
In our Zapper you will find a function that increases the power of the system under the name MOC 12V. Son of dr. Clarc used a 9V battery in its system, we used a boost converter in the system to 12V, the value of this voltage is completely safe for health.
Why is Armand Zapper safe?
Safe voltage, for our body, for alternating current is 25V. We have done voltage measurements of our device. When working with classic programs, there is a voltage of around 8 - 9V on the electrodes. However, when the 12V POWER mode is on, the electrodes are 12V. That is, we attach at most half of the acceptable, safe tension to our body.
But it is not the tension that is very dangerous, the value of the current that flows through our body is dangerous. For our Armand Zapper, this current is around 1mA, which is less than one thousandth of an amp.
Of course, remember to not exceed the daily limit of its use, which is about 20 minutes. 

Description of the Armand Zapper programs
During breaks in the operation of individual programs, we do not need to hold the electrodes in our hands, because during the breaks the current is not applied to the electrodes
P1 - Doctor Clark
This is a classic program defined by Dr. Clark, used in a device invented by her son, based on an integrated circuit called 555. The frequency of the current is 30 kHz. Working time 7 minutes.
P2 - full doctor Clarc. Dr. Clarc
Dr. Clarc, determined that the best and safe time for Zapper to work during the day is about 20 minutes. In this program, the frequency of the current is 30 kHz. Working time 3 x 7 minutes separated from each other by 20 minutes breaks.
P3 - sweep 7-250 kHz
In this program a set of frequencies is used, i.e. a spectrum in the range from 7 to 250 kHz. This program, according to the Dr. Clarc table, is recommended for fungi [mold]. Working time 7 minutes.
P4 - sweep 250-500 kHz
This program uses a set of frequencies, i.e. a spectrum in the range from 250 to 500 kHz. This program, according to the Dr. Clarc table, is recommended for the action of viruses, bacteria and parasites [pobaki: szpaziniec, tapeworm]. Working time 7 minutes.
P5 - sweep 500-833 kHz
This program uses a set of frequencies, i.e. a spectrum in the range from 500 to 833 kHz. This program, according to the Dr. Clarc table, is recommended for mites. Working time 7 minutes.
We recommend reading the book: Hulda Regher Clarc, Life cure by the method of Dr. Clarc, Wroclaw 2006. Based on this book, we made the Zapper we made and used modern electronics to improve its functionality and impact on the body. This book can also be read on the internet. 

Why is it worth buying Armand Zapper instead of Zapper from another manufacturer?
Armand Zapper was made according to the latest achievements of modern electronics [microcontroller], with the simplicity of use [buttons and LEDs].
Our product has 5 factory programs, NO PROGRAM and PROGRAM + dedicated to individual pathogens. The program is selected individually according to the perceived effects of the ailments. Most Zapperów do not have a variable frequency.
The device has increased power, the 12V MOC button.
Battery discharge indication BAT.ROZŁ.
Faults short circuit indication. In the system we used short-circuit protection, which prevents damage to the device and prevents the battery from discharging.
Optical signaling [light-emitting diodes] and acoustic [sound] of the beginning and end of the program or its segment [for program no. P2].
Signaling of voltage supply on SIGNAL electrodes.
Easy on / off ON / OFF.
If you make a mistake while operating or taking a break from work, you can use the program stop, without waiting for the end of START / STOP.
The place where electrodes are connected is described in ELECTRODES.
The device has a connector for BNC electrodes, dedicated to high frequencies. It should be remembered that Armand Zapper generates the frequency of almost 1MHz, which is almost one million clocking per second!
The electrodes are made of pure copper, the metal used in ancient Egypt, even in archeology, the concept of the age of chalcolith is used, that is the age of copper, digesting about 1000 years before the birth of Christ. In addition, the electrodes are bonded with solder consisting of tin, without the addition of poisonous lead.
There is a possibility of buying missing, worn or lost elements of the Armand Zapper set, which may not be possible in the case of a device of another company, in particular a foreign one.
Armand Zapper is covered by a guarantee and possible post-warranty repairs.
Powered by a 9V battery, type 6F22, rectangular.
ATTENTION! Armand Zapper must not be used with metal implants and stimulators and electronic pacemakers installed in the human body. Each Zapper can cause electrolytic processes in the presence of metal implants and disrupt the operation of pacemakers and electronic starters, it can turn them off or damage them. Armand Zapper is used at your own risk.
Armand Zapper has a modern, aesthetic and functional shape. In practice, elements of the set are combined in an easy, intuitive way. The housing has rubber edges that facilitate its grip. The housing color is also non-marking.
The Armand Zapper team wishes you health!
Copyrights to the text are proprietary. 
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